Monday, January 11, 2010

The Goods - A Few New Items

This week, we've had several days below freezing. Now, that doesn't seem so awful to many of you, but you'll have to admit that for Tampa, Florida, this is a little cold. That said, we moved here from a colder climate, and this weather has only served to remind us of the holiday cycle--there's the build up to Thanksgiving, constant Christmas tunes, candles, and twinkling lights for a month, and then dread... Spring will not arrive for several cold months. Of course, "cold" is relative, and we feel for those farther from the equator, but still... it's a great time to cheer yourself up by bringing a little spring indoors. Shown here are a few of our new spring items, including a few pots from Campo de Fiori, which are already seeded with moss (and which will turn a luxurious velvety green in the summer with proper light and regular watering). Enjoy, and imagine a warm day...
A gorgeous hyacinth in a Campo tulip pot.
Flowers on a lion's foot centerpiece with mirrored center.
A boxwood heart hangs by a ribbon.
Our newest votives claim le jardin de Paris.
A stalwart Roman stands guard near the door.
And a candle-powered chandelier with beautiful glass teardrops hangs in the garden room.
Hopefully these images put a little spring in your heart. Warm wishes...

1 comment:

BonjourRomance said...

Brrrr! I heard about the unusually cold winter in Tampa, this is so strange. The lavender hyacinth is gorgeous, so is the tulip pot.
Since I lived in Tampa since I was a little girl I had no winter clothes to speak of when I moved to Paris a few years ago, so needless to say I froze.
Learning to love the cold and a bit of snow. Stay warm in the Sunshine State!

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