Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gardening – Pots


Seen above is a pot from Guy Wolff & Co.   Guy started hand-throwing pots decades ago, and has expanded his offerings through the “& Co.” designation – offering pots made by skilled artisans hand-throwing his designs.  (A Guy Wolff pot thrown by the man himself will not have the “& Co.” designation on it… and for the record, the number below the year in which it was made is the wet weight of the pot.)  Pick some up and enjoy. 


Greet said...

I so love this artisan's work! Stunning!

teaorwine said...

Valuable information here! Thank you. Recently, I purchased pots from Restoration Hardware online and was then disappointed to see they had been made imported from China. The extremely low price should have been a signal, to me.

Anonymous said...

I love the font on the writing on the outside of the pot.

-Zane of ontario honey

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