Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gardening – Ranunculus


Seen here, a pink ranunculus (ranunculus tecolote) as it blooms in Tampa today.  With over 400 species in this particular genus of plants, many of which are also referred to as “buttercups,” this particular variety thrives in full sun, Zones 8-11, where it will grow as a perennial—simply allow the leaves to die back in the fall and they’ll return the following year.


If starting from bulbs, plant bulbs in the fall for spring blooms.  In colder zones, the bulbs can be planted in the early spring and act as an annual.  They are low maintenance and come in a multitude of colors—from white to purple, pink to red, with vibrant yellows and oranges too.   A single plant may produce as many as 30 blooms per season.   (However, remember that ranunculus can be toxic to grazing animals.)


Samantha and Stephen said...

I live in Portland OR and planted ranunculus in pots and they don't seem to be doing so well. They are floppy and the buds aren't opening. Any suggestions?

Allen and Cheryl Mardis said...

Could be a number of things, and it's tought to tell too much from your post (it'd be good to know where they're being kept, what the temps are like, how long ago they were potted, etc.) That said, most ranuncluses like moist soil, so if you aren't watering enough and they are kept in full sun (which they also like), you'll see some drooping. Also, if you aren't using a substantial garden soil that will hold water and instead are using a potting soil, it could be that the soil is just not retaining enough moisture. Finally, if you've just planted or repotted, the plants may simply not have acclimated to the new environment yet. Hope this helps. If not, post again with you're progress and we'll try again.

Boxwood Terrace said...

So pretty! Love the vivid color of these flowers.

Gypsy Purple said...

I wish you a happy and blessed Easter!!xxx Gypsy Purple

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Your blog is really nice.

Enjoy all of the wonderful images.

Mr.Goodwill Hunting

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I am crazy about ranunculus. I would love to try to grow some, but just not sure about our climate conditions. I have a new home and am really working on the landscape. I want a beautiful cutting garden so I can enjoy the flowers both inside and out. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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