Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Design Tip - Slipcovers

Is it possible to be ubiquitous and under-appreciated at the same time? The answer is a resounding yes. The example - slipcovered furniture. Never has another style of furniture been so universally malleable in the world of design, and yet so potently grounding a presence in each. Whether you have a modern penthouse in New York, a shabby-chic beachhouse in Malibu, or a simple traditional home on Florida's Gulf Coast, you can lay the framework for an entire room and command the theme of an entire home with a few great pieces. A few examples:
(Shameless plug - in relatively short order, The Cobbled Path will be presenting its own line of slipcovered greats in more amazing styles and patterns than you can shake a stick at.)

-images via Southern Accents and Coastal Living.


Debbie said...

Beautiful post! Very dreamy!

Can't wait to see your new line...your store is always so incredibly inviting!

Greet said...

Hello Allen and Cheryl,
I stumbled on your Cobbled Path through The Essence of a Good Life blog.
I am so glad I did! Your blog is amazing, fantastic! I will visit every post of you!
I am looking forward to the next beautiful posts!

Desde mi ventana said...

Hello,I have just discovered your blog routevia Belgian Pearls, it seems to me a beautiful and very interesting place ; I will follow you from today to see next post.

DesignTies said...

I'm visiting from Greet's blog, Belgian Pearls.

Beautiful pictures :-) I've been gaining an appreciation for slipcovers lately. I especially like the pleated ones, like the striped chair covers in your first picture.

Kelly @ DesignTies

Lee said...

Beautiful pictures and you've given me some slipcover ideas, as I'd like to try doing my own. The serving table looks especially elegant dressed this way.

Boxwood Terrace said...

Goodness, what a lovely blog you have here! So glad to have discovered you via Greet at Belgian Pearls. I look forward to reading your next post and have added you to my blog roll!

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