Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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As financial markets contract worldwide and the gyre of nay-saying buzzards seems to grow ever tighter, we (smartly) no longer look to keep up with the Jones' and buy a bigger, more expensive home. Instead, we eye our current space, or even a smaller one, and imagine a long term relationship. Eyes have turned to decorating, beautifying, and appreciating what we have, and not what we wish we had. That said, an interesting and stylish way to expand your current living space is to extend it into the lawn or garden by making that outdoor "room" livable. To do so, we recommend anything from a simple arbor and bench, to a gazebo or sunroom--each of which is much less expensive than building a formal living structure. To be clear, these items come in many styles, so you can no doubt find something you'll love. Some of our favorites include:

-images via HSP Garden Buildings.

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Coty Farquhar said...

Gorgeous garden buildings, I would love the blue one for my studio. Thank you both for visiting my garden blog and following.

I so agree with you with the economy, I would dearly love a much bigger home, mainly for my children and their friends and because I would just love more space. I find my home terribly frustrating at times, however I am lucky to have it and I do know that friends just love coming here even with all our clutter.

xxx Coty

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