Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Goods - Pom Pom at Home

Pom Pom at Home and Pom Pom Interiors are amazing lines we stumbled upon when looking for linens for our boutique. The lines are designed and owned by designer-to-the-stars, Hilde Leiaghat. If you have the chance to visit her websites, you'll see some amazing linens, furniture, and accessories. Also, there's a very nice "thank you" note HERE from Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, whose twins' nurseries Hilde decorated. If you like what you see and are fairly local, stop by and check out the linens for yourself.

Our Pom Pom at Home line offers gorgeous bed linens for adults:

...the nursery:

...and for the table and bath:

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Coty Farquhar said...

Hi Allen and Cheryl,

Your linen looks devine and your images are so beautiful. I get a very peaceful feeling when I look through your site it is lovely and calming. I hope you both have a great weekend. I do look forward to following your blog.

xxxx Coty

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